How To Tie A Windsor Knot

Sometimes it’s the tiny details that make all the difference. The wide triangular Windsor knot is a more formal and stylish approach to tying your tie than the typical Four in Hand approach most American males grew up learning.

Named after the lovesick Duke of Windsor, the heir to the British kingdom who famously abdicated the crown for the love of an American divorcee, this knot is a smooth look when heading out on the town or attempting to smash home a winning presentation.

According to, the instructions for tying a Windsor Knot are as follows:

“To tie the Windsor, place the tie around your neck and cross the broad end of the tie in front of the narrow end. Fold the broad end behind the narrow end and push it up through the inside of the loop around your neck. The left and right sides of the narrow end, and the inside of the loop, form a triangle. Continue folding the tie over the sides of this triangle, rotating around the triangle in one direction. The eighth fold should again bring the broad end up over the top of the knot from behind; push the end down through the loop in front of the knot that you made with the seventh fold, work out any wrinkles, and pull the knot tight. If the tie is unbalanced, untie the knot and try again giving yourself more or less length to work with.”

Sound difficult?

The links below offer illustrated step by step instructions to make the process easier.

See this video
See this diagram