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EXECUTIVE CLUB - (Loyalty Program) If you have not done so, please register at the front desk on your next visit for free membership and details of the program. Details may be found under the "About Us" tab. (Special offers in our shops may not receive Exec Club points as these products are already heavily discounted).

COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS. You can contact us directly at mike.malik@statestreetbarbers.com and we will respond swiftly.

Accessibility - Please let us know if you have special needs to access our Kingsbury location and we will make arrangements for you to enter through the main entrance of the condominium building (Park Place). We also have a ramp for your convenience.

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Designed like a classic barbershop from decades ago, with dark wood, vintage photos & memorabilia, and the timeless tools of the trade, all of our clean and relaxing State Street Barbers locations take you back to a time where taking care of how you look was part of being a man.

The State Street Barbers Experience starts the moment you walk through the door, from the friendly smiles to the great music and vintage decor. You don’t need an appointment at State Street Barbers, but it helps - give us a call anytime to set one up.

Pull up a chair and treat yourself to a hot lather shave. Performed with the classic straight razor and hot towels, a State Street Barbers shave offers you a level of closeness that goes well beyond your average home shaving experience.

Ready for a trim?

At State Street Barbers, we’re all about quality and attention to detail. Our standard haircut includes a shampoo, scalp massage, a straight edge neck shave and a shoulder massage.

State Street Barbers trained professionals are schooled both in the time-honored traditions of barbering and the latest trends in contemporary styling, so you’ll leave feeling great and looking even better.


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