What people are saying

Here's what people are saying about SSB:

Excellent service, friendly barbers and staff.

They always offer coffee and tea and it has a local Chicago feel to it. Real “guys” barbership with a professional rustic look to it.

I've been coming to St Streets every 4-8 weeks for the last few years and have been happy as can be with my haircut.

David N., Cook County, IL

I've become unfaithful to my barber.

I've found a new love and her name is Marcela. She works her magic on this unruly course hair of mine. She's does an excellent job.

The staff there is great, always quick to offer a cup of tea or coffee.

I think the price is great for a haircut, shampoo and conditioner, and a hot straight edge neck shave.

Always easy to get an appointment, sometime on the same day, if Marcela is working.

Jan C. Chicago, IL

I lived in Chicago for a couple of years and I miss these guys.

Always a smooth operation with a great full-service cut. Somehow, they always seem to know exactly the cut I'm going for. If you have an extra couple of minutes, get the shave, you're face will feel smoother than a baby's you know what. These guys are Pros. Total Pros. Bonus hint: Go during the day with a colleague, hold a meeting while you're getting a cut.

David S. San Francisco, CA