5 Beard Maintenance Tips For a Full, Healthy Beard

Nov 10th 2020

Nothing looks manlier or as sharp as a full and well-maintained beard. However, unless you are one of the lucky ones, you must put in some work to keep your beard looking nice.

Trying to grow a beard? State Street Barbers offers some effective beard maintenance tips below.

1. Take Care of Your Facial Skin

Most guys are too focused on their beards, and they forget how important their facial skin is. After all, your beards grow directly from your facial skin. Your skin is your foundation. Therefore, your skin needs to be healthy in order to create a healthy and full beard.

The most common way men neglect their skin is when shaving. They may shave in a hurry and cause irritation to the skin as well as itchiness. Always make sure that your skin is clean, use hot water before shaving to open up the pores, and use the right shaving products to make everything smoother.

2. Trim Your Moustache Carefully

Even though it may seem small compared to the rest of your beard, your moustache is very important. You need to pay attention to it as well. Trim your moustache regularly so that it fits in and blends with the rest of your beard.

You can also use moustache scissors as they are easier to control and can let you create a more natural look. Using a comb will help your straighten out the hair before trimming.

One important thing to keep in mind that you have to keep your face in a natural position when trimming your moustache. Your face is naturally relaxed most of the time, so this will help ensure your moustache looks how you want it to.

3. Learn How to Fade Your Beard Neckline

The fade on the neckline makes a huge difference and gives your beard that natural look. First, make sure that you’ve fixed all the other parts of your beard and that the hair is even everywhere.

Then, rim your beard around an inch above the jawline. Set the blades on the trimmer to be shorter than the initial beard length. Trim an inch going towards the sideburns and do this as long as needed until your beard is blended with your sideburns.

4. Work on Your Neckline

Apart from making a good fade, your neckline also needs to be crisp and clear. There shouldn’t be anything sticking on the underside of the chin or around the cheeks. Luckily, you can use an easy old method to always know where to put your neckline.

Simply put two fingers together above your Adam’s apple. This is where the neckline should be. Follow the neckline along with the jawline and make sure that the distance is even.

5. Condition and Hydrate Your Beard

You can’t use the same products you use for your hands or hair to maintain your beard. The skin on your face is sensitive and your beard may grow a different texture than the hair on your head.

Use a beard soap that will nurture your facial hair as well as the skin underneath your beard. Find beard conditioners and shampoos that can do the same. Look for products that have mostly natural ingredients; they will work best. In the end, make sure to get beard oil. It will help you moisturize your beard, keep it bushy, and let you comb it nicely.

Enjoy the Healthy Beard You Want With These Tips

With these five simple tips, you can easily maintain your beard. It’s all about creating a proper routine and taking your time to do things right. You can’t grow a fantastic beard overnight. Be patient and be consistent with your maintenance and you’ll soon have the beard you want.