Choosing the Right Haircut Based on Face Shape

Feb 27th 2018

The same haircut won’t work for every man. Different individuals will be compatible with different haircuts, depending largely on the shape of their face. This makes it ideal to determine which haircuts will work best for your face shape prior to visiting a barber.

Determining Your Face Shape

Figuring out your face shape isn’t a difficult task, and only requires the use of a tape measure. The following measurements will help you determine the exact shape of your face, which can then lead you to the hairstyles that best suit you:

  • Cheekbones - You can start by measuring your cheekbones, starting at the far edge of one cheekbone beneath the outer corner of the eye and ending at the other.
  • Face length - Measure from the middle of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.
  • Jawline - From the tip of the chine to the point beneath your ear where the jaw angles up, take a measurement, then multiply that number by twice to calculate the measurement of your jawline.
  • Forehead - Measure from the top of one eyebrow arch to the other to get your forehead measurement.

After you’ve taken all of your face measurements, consider the largest among them and compare it to the different profiles to figure out your face’s shape.

Oval Face Shape

With the oval face shape, the face length will be longer than the cheekbones’ width, and the forehead will be larger than the jawline, which is rounded.

The oval face shape works best with hair that sits off the forehead for more angles and volume, such as a classic short cut that’s short on both the sides and back while sitting larger on the top of the head with a side sweep.

However, avoid making the forehead heavy, which could make the face appear rounder and soften your features.


This is the longest of the men’s face shapes, with a face length that measures greater than all other measurements, which will otherwise be similar. It works best with cuts that feature longer sides to avoid making the face look even longer. Well-proportioned haircuts are the most compatible with this face shape.


This is considered the most masculine face shape and the ideal, with a strong and sharp jawline while all other measurements are relatively the same. This shape will work well with most shorter and longer hairstyles.


Face length is also the largest measurement with this haircut, with the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline measurements respectively declining. People with diamond face shapes will want to get haircuts that add width at the chin and forehead, with fringes that add more texture. Deep side-parting and side sweeps also work well with this face shape.


Round faces have a similar cheekbone and face length measurement, with smaller jawline and forehead. This face shape benefits from haircuts that add some definition. Square corners will help sharpen the softer edges, and a beard is a great way to make the chin look more defined.

If you find you have any of these face shapes, you can determine which look will work best for you and style your hair accordingly, with the help of a knowledgeable barber.


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