How Much Should You Pay for a Haircut?

Jul 31st 2021

When it comes to haircuts, prices tend to vary. This is why you can find a barbershop that charges $10 for a haircut and one that charges $100 for the same service. The haircut prices may vary from barbershop to barbershop because some haircuts require a high level of detail and take longer for a barber to complete.

In the United States, the average cost of a haircut is $28. But since several factors affect haircut price, we decided to explore this topic in more detail.


One of the factors that affect the haircut price is the location. Depending on where you live, the prices vary from state to state and from city to city in the US. If you decide to take a haircut in Chicago, for instance, the average price for a basic haircut will be $32. However, if you choose to visit a barbershop in San Francisco, the price averages $49.

In Los Angeles, the average price is $45, while in Seattle and New York, the average prices are $35 and $37, respectively.

Reputation & Ambiance

Some barbershops are more reputable than others which enables them to charge more for haircuts. These barbers earn their reputation due to the extensive training the barbers have completed.

However, the quality of service here doesn’t necessarily have to be a factor. It can also be the ambiance of the barbershop that drives the prices up. For instance, you can end up paying $50 for a classic haircut in a trendy barbershop and receive the same quality of service as in a reputable but less luxurious barbershop where the price is $30 for the same haircut.

Type of Haircut

Do you expect a stylish combover fade? Or are you more of a quiff kind of guy? The style you choose will as well have a say in the final price. Classic and signature haircuts tend to be more affordable than hairstyles that require an excellent level of detail.

More demanding hairstyles are pricier because a barber needs to spend more time with you and also needs to be more experienced and skillful. You should be ready to pay anywhere from $10 to $20 extra for the more time-consuming and detail-oriented hairstyles.

What About Tipping?

Do I tip my barber or not? It is a common question most men have. The tip is not required, but it has become customary in this industry. So how much should you tip? If you feel like tipping for your haircut, keep in mind that men usually tip 20% on average.

It is just a polite way of saying “You did an amazing job!” to your barber after paying attention to every detail and instruction you gave.

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