What is Proper Barbershop Etiquette?

Jan 10th 2018

When paying a visit to your barbershop, you should make sure you have an understanding of the etiquette. While getting a haircut might be simple, it’s important to give your barber the respect he deserves to prevent any potential complications.

Barbers understand how to work with your hair and can work with you to give you the style that you want, which makes forming and keeping a healthy relationship with him a necessity throughout.

Here are some of the basic principles to consider when visiting your barber.

Don’t Arrive Late

If you want to be a gentleman, show up to your appointment on time. You’re better off showing up five minutes early than a minute late. Depending on your needs, your haircut could take some time to complete, and your barber will be frustrated if your appointment leaks into the next customer’s. If you have no choice but to be late, call the barber and let him know.

Go to Your Appointment with Clean Hair

You should always make sure your hair is clean prior to arriving at the barbershop. Wash your hair before leaving and avoid wearing a hat until you leave with your haircut. Messy hair can also result in a poor haircut. Ideally, schedule your haircut after you normally shower.

Have a Clear Idea of What You Want

Before you take your seat in the barber’s chair, you should have a good picture in your head of how you want to look. If explaining it is a challenge, show your bartender a picture, which can make it more obvious what you have in mind.

Let the Barber Do His Job

Barbers have all of the training and expertise needed to give you the haircut you want, and it can be irritating to them if you attempt to tell them how to do their job. While you should make it clear what you want, try not to give them instructions on how to cut properly.

Exercise Patience

A good barber will take his time with every haircut. Keep in mind that some hairstyles take more time and effort than others, so you could be sitting in the chair for an hour or longer. If you want to look your best, understand that it will take some time.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Conversation

Feel free to engage in some small talk with your barber, as he’ll likely enjoy some conversation. You may find that you and your barber share some common interests that can make for an interesting talk that makes the time fly.

Don’t Forget to Tip

Like in many other professions, it’s important to remember to tip your barber. Anywhere from fifteen to twenty percent is where tips normally fall for a haircut. The tip will also help indicate whether or not you’re pleased with the haircut.

By engaging in the proper barbershop etiquette, you’ll likely become a favorite customer while making your haircutting experience more pleasant for both you and your barber.


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