Layrite Supershine Pomade

Layrite Supershine Pomade
If you are looking for a hair product with a lot of shine plus all day straight slick looks then look no further. It’s signature Layrite vanilla scent will leaving you smelling great as well. It features medium hold, high shine, and is water soluble. 

Works best for:

• Fine to medium thick hair
• Short to medium lengths
• Straight, sleek styles
• Slick back greaser looks

Use in combination with Layrite Original or Superhold, layering Supershine as a top coat to max out shineGreat for regular hat or helmet wearers – restyles in seconds without needed to wet your comb or hands. Works exceptionally well on super curly hair that is naturally very dry and lacking moisture.
How to use: Remember, the dryer the hair, the higher the hold. Apply a small amount, known as a dab, to palms. Distribute evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired. Wet comb or fingers and run through hair to restyle anytime. Rinse out with water alone.
4.25 oz Jar