Stay Warm
With winter already upon us many men are looking for options that won’t chop off their locks so that they can use them for added insulation. There are a few different hairstyles that are longer that look great on men and that may give you the added warmth that you need this winter.

Taking Care of Your Beard
Winter can wreak havoc on hair and especially on your beard. For some, wearing a hat and adding a bit of extra moisture to the hair on your head is all the maintenance they need for the long winter months, for those with a beard however, you may need to take a few extra steps.

Get the Best Back to School Hair
When you’re heading back to school, you want to look your best. From new clothes to fresh kicks, walking into the classroom with your head held high is important. That’s why it’s essential that before you get your backpack and books, you get a stylin’ haircut.

We Can't Believe These Men's Hair Gadgets Exist
When it comes to grooming, men aren’t always known for their cutting edge gadgetry like women usually are—what with eyelash curlers, toothbrush-esque face scrubbers, and countless other contraptions. That said, there are some gadgets out there for men that we simply can’t believe exist. Whether helpful, crazy, or a little bit absurd, we love the innovation behind these items. Check out our top picks for the best men’s hair gadgets.

The Ultimate Guide to Men's Hair Products
Hair care can be incredibly difficult to understand. With dozens of different products it can be difficult to find the one in particular that you need to get the perfect style. There are a few different products that are fairly universal across brands and understanding these five products can help you get your hair care arsenal together.

Skip the Wig! Get Halloween Ready Hair in Minutes
Halloween is fast approaching and finding the perfect hairstyle may seem like an impossible feat. There are some tips and products however that can help you get the style you want without having to sacrifice your hair to a barber. These five products and tips will help you get Halloween read without having to go out and buy a wig this holiday season.

Best Celebrity Haircuts of 2016
Celebrities are our beacon, our goal, and our aspiration when it comes to things like haircuts and overall style. 2016 has brought us some fantastic new trendy haircuts that are not to be forgotten. We have seen some major transformations and we have seen some subtle updates of already beloved styles. Here are five of the trendiest male celebrity cuts of 2016.